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Who should you bet on to win the Stanley Cup in 2020

Hockey fans know that the Stanley Cup is the most prestigious tournaments in this game. It’s the ultimate prize for any professional hockey team and something every team covets. But who will win the Stanley cup in 2020?

It’s important that you know who has the best chance of winning. This is especially important if you’re planning to gamble on the outcome of this tournament, and are wondering which team you should put your bet on. Even if you’re not a fan of hockey this game is still worth wagering money on. In the past many punters have won big money on the Stanley cup. For example in 2019 on St. Louis Blues fan backed his team to win and won $100,000 on a $200 bet.

But before you can make these kinds of bets you need to know which team has the best chances of bringing to cup home. One good thing about this year’s Stanley cup is that the 2019-2020 NHL season was already more than 80% complete before the coronavirus pandemic stopped play. This means that the results of this year’s cup will be relatively unaffected by this crises.

To you figure things out, we spoke to a professional handicapper who has made over $10,000 just by betting on the NHL in the last four years. According to him modern handicappers don’t use gut feeling anymore or even simple analysis. Today’s sports betting professionals use a data driven approach to handicapping.

They analyse stats and trends and also include injuries, personal and training regimens. Plus they even consider the role of referees in their analysis.

Right now the division leaders are the St. Louis Blues, Vegas Golden Knights, Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals.  One of these teams is most likely to win. Will it be the St. Louis Blues who won in 2019? Probably not. While 16 teams have won the trophy back to back, insiders say it’s unlikely to happen again this year.

That being said, nothing is ever set in stone. What’s more, there dozens of outlying teams who, if they can get their act together, could possibly have a shot at the cup, no matter how far ahead the favourites are.

According to our handicapper he’s choosing one of these underdog teams and is picking the Dallas Stars as the squad most likely to win. Although many people would disagree with this he thinks they actually have a fairly decent chance of winning. The Stars are currently placing third in the central division and are hovering at around 12 points behind the St. Louis Blues.

Be that as it may, before play was suspended, the Dallas Stars were playing what was probably the worst hockey of this season. In fact, they had lost a shocking six games in a row and things were not looking good. Defence and goal tending are extremely important in the post season and this means that the team has to increase their scoring, and this team simply does not score enough.

This, unfortunately, makes them extremely vulnerable to more powerful teams. And while this team might have a decent chance of eventually winning the Stanley Cup, there is no way of saying with absolute certainty if they can pull it off.

Our handicapper also thinks that the Boston Bruins have a fairly good chance of winning, and if you’re looking for somewhere to place your bets you can’t go wrong with this team. That being said, things can go either way and the odds for each team are sure to change as time goes by.

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