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Field Hockey Betting: Here is what you should know

Betting on sports is one of the most popular activities in the UK when it comes to online gambling. More popular than casino games, bookmakers on the Internet accept bets on all kinds of sports, including field hockey.

However, unlike football and horse racing, field hockey is not very popular among bettors; hence features and betting types are limited. Still, there are a couple of things you should consider before placing bets at any online bookmakers.

Promotions and bonuses for new players

When you sign up with a sports betting website, you tend to receive a so-called welcome bonus. In some cases, such packages include free bets, which you can use to place bets on various sports. Typically, it’s limited to the more popular betting options such as football, and it’s unlikely that field hockey is considered one of them. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t receive anything because the general new player bonus still applies to you, no matter what sport you’re planning to bet on.

Along with free bets, most UK bookmakers offer an increase in your first deposit. For instance, Ladbrokes currently runs a 400% match deposit promotion, which means that for a £5 deposit, you will receive £20 credit. Most bonus packages at bookmakers and casinos have wagering requirements, so make sure that you have read the terms of service in full before making any financial commitment.

Bet Types available for field hockey

The other thing good to know is the types of bets that are available when wagering money on field hockey. Generally speaking, there are three betting types, which include, “Team to Win”, “Over and Under”, and “Handicap Betting”.

The first betting type is self-explanatory; you can wager any amount of money (within limits) on the team that you think will win a match and if it does, you receive a payout that depends on the odds at the time of bet placement. The less likely a team is to win, the higher the odds of winning.

Over and under betting is a very popular option when it comes to team sports. The bookmakers will offer you a total amount of goals in any given game, and you decide whether the final score will be below or above that figure. The bookie will always pick a decimal number in between two numbers, such as 3.5, so that bettors can always go over and under.

Handicap betting is an option to place bets on results that are most likely going to happen. It has its origin in football where at times a team has been so dominant that betting on a win is pointless since the odds are so low. In such a case, and to entice you to still place bets on the team, bookmakers came up with the idea of handicap betting. It basically means that you’re not only predicting a win but a win by a large margin, typically measured in goals. If the event occurs, and since it’s less likely to happen than a straightforward win, the bookmakers will reward you with better odds.

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