Wednesday, December 6, 2023

England Hockey needs to stop star gazing and rectify club game

Published before lockdown, columnist Todd Williams says narrowing of top domestic clubs is detrimental to the game

So, let’s get straight to the point: Premier League hockey in England is broken. It is failing clubs, players and coaches all around the country.

There, I’ve said it. But, first, a quick disclaimer. None of what I’ve written here should be taken personally by any player, coach or club official. Nor am I taking a swipe at clubs with money, their recruitment ethics or player movement. Yes, these are problems, but they are only by-products of an inherently flawed model.

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  1. Not being facetious, but the answers are….? I agree that there a lots of problems with hockey in England, but I do hear lots of criticism and yet don’t hear of a coherent blueprint for the future without finding the magic money tree…..a fan base would solve many issues but… we know many clubs have 100s of keen playing and non-playing members – yet, for whatever, reason, they aren’t inclined to watch their first teams – what chance attracting an external audience and therefore generating some income?? An amateur game will ultimately lead to amateurism! At least people at EH are trying to change and develop things, but often in the face of almost constant criticism….who would want to be them? Of answers were easy, someone would have pursued them


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