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Rules behind general hockey gameplay

Field hockey may look quite similar to the much more known ice hockey. After all, hockey sticks are in use, teams are made up of several players and the idea is to try and score goals in a bid to win. However, there are several key differences between ice hockey and field hockey (and we mean other than the fact that one takes place on the ice and uses a puck instead of a ball). The general gameplay is also quite different.

Two teams of eleven players are permitted on the pitch at any one time in field hockey, and substitutes can be brought on at any given time for either side. An unlimited number of substitutions can be made in any one game.

Field hockey matches usually last for two periods of 35 minutes, with a halftime interval between of five minutes. However, since 2014, some international hockey games have taken to playing in four 15-minute quarters with two-minute breaks in between each, as well as a 15-minute break in the middle. That particular news was not met with such acclaim for several people, although it has continued on, being present during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Two field umpires officiate each match, with one controlling each half of the field, divided by a rough diagonal line. Games begin with a toss of a coin, with the winning captain deciding on a starting end or if they’d like to start with the ball. At the start of each quarter and after goals are scored, gameplay begins with a pass from the centre of the hockey field.

Additional Things to Remember About Field Hockey

In field hockey, attacking players are only able to play the ball with the face of the stick. Should the back side of the stick be used, then a penalty is incurred, and the other team receives the ball into their play. Tackling is permitted in the sport, as long as the tackler does not make contact with the attacker or the other person’s stick prior to playing the ball. Attackers may not use their own bodies to push other players out of the way.

Certain additional rules for penalties and the like are what make field hockey quite the exciting sport to bet on, too. It’s not always about betting on the team you believe will win, but on if you think a team or a player will be penalised for a foul or if you would like to participate in over/under betting, for example. William Hill is a good site for field hockey betting – especially considering that it provides mobile sports betting, too. If you’re an iPhone user, then you can learn how to download William Hill mobile app for iOS devices easily, and proceed with gambling this way. With that, you’re able to place field hockey bets from any location.

Keep in mind that there also two situations termed as ‘Dangerous Ball Play’. The first of these is the legitimate evasive action by an opponent, while the second is specific to the rule surrounding a shot at goal during a penalty corner. However, generally speaking, dangerous play constitutes to the ball lifting above knee level and at an opponent who is within five metres of the ball.

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