Saturday, December 9, 2023

How Oxford Hockey Club medics helped to save fellow player’s life

Two Oxford HC members have been praised for dropping their sticks mid-match to save a player’s life.

Medics James Harper and Chris Hadfield were playing for Oxford 3s at West Hampstead HC when Devinder Singh Sangha, of BA Slough Ramgharia HC, collapsed as he was leaving the club on March 30.

Sangha, 59, reportedly stopped breathing and the two hockey-playing medics undertook CPR on the player for around 30 minutes before paramedics arrived.

“The quick actions of the two GPs, defibrillator on site and speedy response of paramedics all contributed to saving our dear friends life,” said Parmjit Chohan, Ramgharia’s vice captain.

Richard Oakes, Oxford HC’s president, said that the club was “extremely proud” of the two players.

He added that the club ensures that, as a minimum, their captains and coaches have first aid training

Oakes said the incident “really does underline making the investment in training and first aid kits for teams.”

West Hampstead HC officials will now be urging England Hockey to recognise the players’ “act of exemplary heroism” after a life was saved.

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