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What is the difference between field hockey sticks?

There are four different levels of field hockey sticks players can choose from. Each level is made for a different player’s skills. Purchasing the wrong field hockey stick can be a problem. If you get the wrong stick, you may not be able to play to the level you are capable of. In addition, the wrong field hockey stick can prevent you from developing as a player. Teams are gearing up for a number of major field hockey competitions this year. Fans can follow all of the action using the Coral promo code and wager on the teams they support at the next big field hockey event.

Knowing the difference between field hockey sticks can help you become a better field hockey player. By purchasing the right stick, you can develop, grow, and improve your game on the pitch.

Beginner field hockey sticks

As the name indicates, these field hockey sticks are for those players just learning the game. Players can build their basic skills using these entry level sticks.

Beginner field hockey sticks enable players to improve their stick handling and technical skills. Beginner sticks lack power and players won’t be able to blast balls down the pitch or past goalkeepers with pace.

Many beginner sticks are made of mulberry or hickory wood. The construction makes them lightweight, sturdy, and easy to maneuver when using.

Intermediate field hockey sticks

Intermediate, also known as competitive field hockey sticks, give players a little more power than the beginner sticks. Players of varying skill levels can use intermediate sticks as they allow for greater ball control.

Like beginner sticks, an intermediate stick will give you the chance to develop your ball control. Ball control is the chief skill players work on at a young age and intermediate sticks continue the learning phases for controlling passes, dribbling, and making accurate passes.

Players with over one to two years of experience should graduate to intermediate level field hockey sticks. They are also recommended for players between the ages of 10 and 13 as the game becomes more competitive.

Advanced field hockey sticks

Advanced sticks, sometimes called expert sticks, blend control and power into one. Coaches and instructors will expect teenage field hockey players with over two years of experience to be playing with an advanced field hockey stick.

These sticks are flexible and the use of composite fiberglass give them a forgiving nature when playing the ball.

The combination of control and power offered by advanced field hockey sticks allows players to continue their development.

Elite field hockey sticks

Elite level sticks are used by professional, international, and Olympic field hockey athletes. Compared to the other types of field hockey sticks, elite sticks evolve more often due to technology advancements.

Elite sticks are constructed with 70% or more carbon making them lightweight. Power is the name of the game when it comes to elite sticks. The ability to produce powerful shots is maximized through the design of elite field hockey sticks.

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