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Arbitrage betting: Principle of Work  

Have you ever tried betting sports? Would you like to make it your source of extra income? So you’d probably be interested to know more about arbitrage betting (surebetting). 

Surebets are arbitrage situations, which always leave you in the black. How is that possible? Easy! Here are some good examples: 

Arsenal vs Chelsea, Bookmaker 1 – @2.0 for TU 2.5, Bookmaker 2 – @3.5 for TO 2.5. You have $400: $250 for TU and $150 for TO: 

ТU 2.5 – 250$ * 2 = $500

ТO 2.5 – 150$ * 3.5 = $525

So our net profit is $100 or $125 regardless of the match result, which we got due to odds difference.

In Search of Arbs 

There are two ways to search for arbitrage situations:  

  1. Independent search 
  2. Scanner search 

Independent search of numerous arbs, odds analysis and calculation. The process is free, however, labour-intensive and time-consuming. 

These are the reasons why arbers are increasingly using special services with a ready-made information on a dozen or even hundreds of bookmakers. As of today, the leader among such services is BetBurger

The scanner analyzes information on 100+ bookmakers for 30 kinds of sport and 150+ markets. Despite arbs, BetBurger provide middles and valuebets. 

Another advantage is extensive functional, which enables you to make the betting process comfortable and viable. Among positive features are direct one-click links to bookmaker sites, multifilters with enhanced settings, accounting etc. 

Arber’s Earnings

According to most pros, it’s quite possible to get 10-15% from the overall bank per month. So if your bank is $1000, your profit is around $100-150 per month.

Of course, a crucial role plays your bank amount and the way you manage it. In other words, having your money sitting around in your bookmaker accounts without putting them to work won’t bring you any profit. 

What concerns time, most experts advise to spend around 20 hours a week to refine your strategy. It’s not that much considering how useful that is for your wallet. 

To Sum Up 

As you may see, arbitrage betting really works and even brings you a pretty penny. However, putting your strategy into work require having a good scanner, if you don’t want to spend ages on independent arb search.  

This article is a third party advertorial and not associated with The Hockey Paper editorial.

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