Since our initial print run from November 2016, we have taken stock and are returning with better content and the stories that matter most to our readers.

We launched on the back of Team GB women’s gold in Rio. It seems apt, then, that are return comes as GB women set out on their path to Tokyo 2020 qualification.

As a subscription-only package, the best stories will now only be in our print and digital edition across 32 pages, while online will have breaking news and live.

– We’re also returning at a crucial time, as global hockey expands with the Pro League and changes to the domestic game.

– We used to be weekly but we will now be printed once or twice per month and have sections dedicated to the North, Midlands, East, South and West regions in England, as well as Scotland, Wales and Ireland news.

– Umpiring, coaching, the Masters’ scene, schools and university will also be at the core of our coverage. We want our readers to be at the heart of it all and for us to serve the hockey community.

– Print is still important for us in this digital age and so we will deliver two pages with a focus on juniors, aged seven to 15.

We want the next generation reading about the sport as we give more exposure to the stars of the game. We also want to keep kids occupied, entertained and educated on hockey.

With sell out crowds to watch Great Britain, we know the support base is still there in hockey. Another reason why a media print product devoted to the sport is needed.

– So, we hope you will share the journey with us and become a subscription-only member now so that we can deliver the best service to you from launch. We need your support!

With this in mind, all our annual subscribers will be able to have their say and help shape our coverage.

– But we also need your help to bring club stories to life. There are enough ‘back to hockey’ stories out there and so we are looking for lifestyle features, a record goal scorer, a team on a history-making winning run, club anniversaries, a player or volunteer doing something special, on or off the pitch. Or a great transfer story.

We had limited interaction with clubs during our opening run in trying to find stories – despite our best efforts. But we want to continue to beat the hockey drum and unearth those brilliant stories we know are out there. So, do please email your ideas and news to

Thanks for reading, please take advantage of our subscription incentives and see you in print**!

Rod Gilmour, editor