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Facts, rules and history of field hockey

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Field hockey is an outdoor game played all over the world. This game is the second biggest team sporting activities in the globe that is played in more than 100 countries. The game is played several learning institutions and provides a lifetime social and sporting opportunity for administrators, officials, and players. Field hockey has many fans and bettors since it is one of the exciting and second largest games. 

The game

Field hockey is a game that involves eleven players from each side on a pitch 100 by 60 yards with a 23cm circumference ball. All the players have a hockey stick that has a rounded head that kicks the ball with intentions to score goals. A goal is scored by putting the ball in the goal post of the opposing team. Sticks have a length of 28-39 inches and a weight of 340-790 grams. Players are required to put on protective gears in the form of complete body armour, gloves, pads, kicker and helmet for a goalkeeper. There is also mouth guards and shin guards for outfield players. 

The rules

The rules of this game are the same as the rules of a football game. The only difference is that players are required to kick the ball using the sticks instead of feet. The team comprises 11 players including forwards, midfielders, defenders and a goalkeeper. A goalkeeper is the only player allowed to use his hands, feet and the stick. The primary rule that differentiates soccer and field hockey is that there are no offside rules in the latter. This allows a very fast, high scoring and thrilling game. 

Playing surfaces

Irrespective of its name “field hockey” the game has greatly evolved from the grass pitch based game into a game played on artificial surfaces. In British Colombia, this exciting outdoor game is played on artificial and grass surfaces. Not only an outdoor sport; field hockey is played as an indoor game, involving six players aside on gymnasium surfaces that make the game even faster. 

The history of field hockey

The origin of this sport can be traced back to the early civilization of the world. Nevertheless, the modern game was created in the British Isles. The current game was introduced to England in the 1800s, and in 1861, a field hockey club known as Blackheath Football and Hockey Club was formed. 

 Many concepts and rules changed during the first years as the sport spread in the entire British Empire. From those origins, formidable field hockey was created in India, Pakistan, and Australia, but the advancement of the game in more than 100 nations. For this reason, hockey is one of the largest sport in the whole world.

Field hockey today

In most cases, the game is played within a prosperous club structure. A normal club comprises three to six adult teams, even though some will have one team. Most clubs will have junior sections and offer opportunities at a multitude in differing ability and age levels. Competing opportunities will lie in the form of junior and senior leagues that are tiered into sections which reflect each level. The annual club, invitational, and provincial contests supplement the league and offer an extra chance to enjoy the sport.

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