Thursday, June 30, 2022

Nutrition: Hockey Issues looks at food

We all know what’s on the cards for teas when we play at home, which is why away games are that much more exciting. The anxiety of not knowing what will be served up after the game can lead to extreme measures such as feigning injury or subbing yourself off to prepare for the main event – teas.

On a serious note though, why do hockey teas vary so much in terms of quality?

Why can some clubs like @WisbechTownHC produce individual hearty portions AND pudding, or the beautifully prepared platters, exploding with colour and choice at @BuckinghamLHC, whilst others serve up a dog’s dinner (see below)?

Cost is the obvious answer, but not the right one. It doesn’t cost much to slap together a half decent hot meal. Indian Gymkhana HC (@IndianGymHC) set a great example and are subsequently hailed on a weekly basis for the brilliant curries they dish up after games. Therefore the problem must be down to lack of inclination.

If you’re responsible for the teas at your club then do mix it up a bit and take some pride… Think about it, if nothing else, you have the opportunity to rescue the Saturday of at least 11 losing players… or 22 of them if it was an unappetising draw!


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