Women’s finals in England

The Investec women’s hockey league season reaches a climax this weekend with the championship playoffs and the completion of the promotion-relegation tournament at Reading.


1030 – Investec WHL Play-Offs Match 3 
Sutton Coldfield (Prem) v Brooklands Poynton (North)
1230 – Investec WHL Play-Offs Match 4 
Holcombe (East) v Buckingham (West)
1445 – Investec WHL Championship Semi 1 
Canterbury (1st) v Clifton (4th)
1700 – Investec WHL Championship Semi 2 
Reading (2nd) v Surbiton (3rd)


1000 – Investec WHL Play-Offs Match 5 
Brooklands Poynton (North) v Holcombe (East) 
1200 – Investec WHL Play-Offs Match 6 
Buckingham (West) v Sutton Coldfield (Premier)
1415 – Investec WHL Championship 3v4 
Loser Semi 1 v Loser Semi 2
1645 – Investec WHL Championship Final 
Winner Semi 1 v Winner Semi 2