It’s raining goals as well as rain in New Zealand

[img_assist|nid=8681|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=220|height=164]Goals continued to rain down in teh Oceania Cup in New Zealand, but, unfortunately, so did the rain with the day’s feature clash between Australia and New Zealand men postponed because of unplayable conditions.

As the afternoon progressed the Taranaki weather got progressively worse until the turf became completely flooded along with a nasty wind chill shortly after the completion of the Black Sticks Women versus Papua New Guinea game, which the Kiwis won 25-0.

With the Black Sticks men and Australia tentatively warming up for the game, tournament officials made the call 10 minutes before the scheduled 7.30pm start to postpone the game for player welfare reasons.

The game has been rescheduled to 11am tomorrow morning (10pm Thursday night UK) , and will still be streamed live on the Hockey New Zealand website (www.hockeynz.co.nz)

The Black Sticks Women just escaped the worst of the rain in their rout of Papua New Guinea.

In just her second game for New Zealand, Canterbury striker Sophie Cocks made a big impression on the scorecard with six goals.

Gemma Flynn and Anita Punt both scored four goals each while Petrea Webster and Krystal Forgesson recorded hat-tricks.

Tomorrow is a rest day at the Oceania Cup, aside from the replay of the Black Sticks Men versus Australia game. The Black Sticks Men and Women are both up against Samoa on Saturday.




TET Black Sticks
Match postponed due to heavy rain

Papua New Guinea: 4
Samoa: 1
Halftime: Papua New Guinea 2-0


TET Black Sticks 25: (Sophie Cocks 6, Gemma Flynn 4, Anita Punt 4, Krystal Forgesson 3, Petrea Webster 3, Kayla Sharland 2, Sam Charlton, Rhiannon Dennison, Julia King)
Papua New Guinea 0
Halftime: Black Sticks 14-0

Australia : 23
Samoa: 0
Halftime: Australia 12-0