Investec World League Semi-final London – quarter-final day

The Italian Job

Italy 1 South Africa 1 (Italy win 3-1 on shootout)

[img_assist|nid=8448|title=Cool head|desc=Giuliana Ruggieri keeps her cool to win the shootout|link=none|align=right|width=220|height=119]Piete Coetzee left the South Africa bus teetering on the edge of the cliff with 12 seconds to go when a decent corner equalised a 27th-minute stroke from Giuliana Ruggieri.

But there was to be no escape from Turin for South Africa as the ledge crumbled during the shootout leaving Giles Bonnet scrabbling around for seventh and eight place at the bottom of the ravine.

The admirable Ruggieri held her nerve in the shootout to walk the ball over the line for a dererved win.

Chiara Tiddi and Dalila Mirabella also finished with aplomb for Italy. While Marsha Cox was South Africa’s only contributor.

Keepy-uppy – the secret

USA 3 Spain 1

Team USA produced a rather decent performance to tidy away Spain – after a warm up with some hacky-sack.

Goals from Paige Selenski (PC tidy up, 25min) and Berta Bonastre (Spain, nice high open-play finish, 26mins, straight from the restart), in the first half.

USA finished the job with Katie Renpreicht (PC rebound, 64mins) and a rocket in the roof from Rachel Dawson in the 67th minute (open play).

Love Hurtz – Australia cruise into final

Australia 4 China 1

Open-play goals from Ashleigh Nelson (29mins), Claire Messent (51), Georgie Parker (58) and Emily Hurtz, pushed the Hockeyroos into the final and the 2014 World Cup.

That came after China took a lead through the ever-present Li Honxia. But the antipodeans slowly and skilfully ran China into the ground for a well-deseerved win.