Investec World League Semi-final London – day four

[img_assist|nid=8326|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=94|height=100]South Africa left wanting at the finish

Argentina 3 South Africa 1

Argentina outfinished South Africa to seal a place in the semi-final of the World League semi-final in London.

The underdogs were far too passive in the first half and went behind to a neat Silvina D’Elia corner variation from Argentina in the 19th minute.

SA started the second half far more aggressively and began to create changes – notably through Sulette Damons and Jayde Mayne. Pietie Coetzee then swatted over a ballooning ball to produce a shock equaliser after 47 mins.

But Argentina rallied with D’Elia smashing in a second corner in the 53rd minute. Rosario Luchetti showed the ruthless touch South Africa were missing when she shovelled the ball into keeper Sani Mangisa and was first to dive on the rebound.

Hockeyroos cruise into the semis

Australia 4 USA 1

A gallant USA chucked the kitchen sink at Australia but in the end just lacked enough finesse to case a World League upset.

Emily Smith produced a powerful trap and shot in the seventh minute to put the Aussies ahead. But, if anything the USA just ran harder. 

Their reward was a corner goal from Rachel Dawson – an excellent keeper’s left post drag.

That came on 10 minutes and was as close as the USA got in the game. The Aussies stepped up to the mark with a Kellie White reverse-stick thump two minutes later, a Karri McMahon corner shot and a Jodie Schultz corner flick – all before half time.

USA couldn’t keep up the intensity and Australia didn’t need to and the game petered out into a goal-less second half. 

China win again

China 3 Spain 0

China were far too efficient for Spain. Three second-half goals settled it – Liang Meiyu with a lovely right-to-left drag and stuff past the Spain goalkeeper. Then Wang Mengyu with a strong corner flick and Li Hongxia with a left-to-right drag and stuff. Thank you and good night.