EHCCC Final: Live Streaming on EHL You Tube

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It has been confirmed today that the Euro Hockey League You Tube Channel 
(www.youtube.com/eurohockeyleague) will be bringing full, uninterrupted coverage of the game, with Dutch duo Laren and Den Bosch going head-to-head in the hope of being crowned Champions of Europe. The match take places at 12.45 (CET) on Sunday 19th May 2013, which is the second day of action at EHL Final Four Bloemendaal. 

The coverage of the EHCCC Final on the EHL You Tube Channel is the latest piece of good news regarding the tournament. Last week, the European Hockey Federation (EHF) announced that, thanks to the support of Infostrada Sports Group (ISG), the EHCCC Final will feature Video Umpire Referral and the use of the 45 second timer at penalty corners. The EHF also recently confirmed that there is prize money of €7,000 for the winning team and the runners up. The winning team in Bloemendaal will receive €5,000, with the silver medallists claiming the €2,000 prize. 

Make sure you show your support of the EHCCC by watching the tournament Final live on the EHL You Tube Channel.

Tickets for the event can be purchased in the Tickets section ofwww.ehlhockey.tv, the official website of the Euro Hockey League. Full details of the EHCCC’s amended Format Variation Guidelines are available here