CORRECTED: New GB women’s squad announced

[img_assist|nid=7861|title=PUSHING ON TO RIO|desc=Susie Townsend|link=node|align=left|width=220|height=150]ENGLAND, April 19 – The new Great Britain women’s hockey training squad includes a blend of experience and youth

Survivors from London 2012 are veterans Kate Walsh and Helen Richardson, Ashleigh Ball, Alex Danson, Hannah Macleod, Emily Maguire, Georgie Twigg, Sally Walton and Nicola White.

The only uncapped players in the squad is Shona McCallin (MOP), but eight others with less than 10 caps have been included after the post-London churn.

Notable absentees are retirees Crista Cullen, Beth Storry, Laura Bartlett, Abi Walker and Sarah Thomas. Natalie Seymour, reserve at London, is not in the squad. Neither are Anne Panter or Chloe Rogers.

There are no Wales athletes in the group, but Scots Alison Bell, Nikki Kidd, Amy Gibson, Maguire, Morag McLellan make the 29-strong group.

CORRECTION: In the original list we had Alison Bell and Amy Gibson playing for the wrong clubs – sorry this has been corrected.

Player Club Position Country Caps
Giselle Ansley Loughborough Students Defender England 5
Ashleigh Ball Slough Midfielder England 78
Alison Bell Grove Menzieshill Forward Scotland 92
Sophie Bray MOP Forward England 7
Alex Danson Reading Forward England 183
Steph Elliott University of Durham Defender England 5
Amy Gibson Clydesdale Western Goalkeeper Scotland 30
Susie Gilbert Reading Midfielder England 80
Sarah Haycroft Surbiton Midfielder England 5
Rebecca Herbert Pinoke Forward England 102
Maddie Hinch Leicester Goalkeeper England 11
Nikki Kidd Edinburgh University Midfielder/forward Scotland 106
Jo Leigh Clifton Midfielder/forward England 5
Kirsty Mackay Bowdon Hightown Goalkeeper England 6
Hannah Macleod Leicester Forward England 74
Emily Maguire Reading Defender Scotland 106
Shona McCallin MOP Midfielder England 0
Morag McLellan Glasgow Western Midfielder/defender Scotland 49
Dilly Newton Canterbury Defender England 12
Sam Quek Reading Defender England 32
Helen Richardson  Reading  Midfielder  England  235
Susie Townsend  Caterbury  Midfielder  England  10
Gerorgie Twigg  Surbiton  Midfielder  England  53
Laura Unsworth Loughborough Students  Defender  England  89
Kate Walsh  Reading  Defender  England  292
Sally Walton  Bowdon Hightown  Defender  England  117
 Ellie Watton  Beeston  Forward  England  5
 Hollie Webb  Beeston  Defender  England  5
 Nicola White  Leicester  Forward  England  81