Olton face relegation play-offs

[img_assist|nid=7772|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=100|height=98]ENGLAND, April 1 – University of Birmingham lost out 3-2 to rivals Olton and West Warwickshire in the Investec Women’s Premier Division on Saturday – but they still did enough to ensure they will stay in the top flight while Olton will have to battle for survival in the relegation play-offs.

Olton put everything into it and managed to win the game 3-2 with goals from Julie Stowe, Vicky Hopkin and Mandy Gatherer. Level on points, Olton still trail Birmingham by four goals in the table and must win the relegation play-offs to preserve their place in the Premier Division next season.

In the Conference East, Old Loughtonians lost to fellow strugglers Chelmsford but still survive to take part in the Conference next year. Chelmsford face relegation play-offs.

Investec Women’s Hockey League (March 23 2013):

Investec Premier Division: Olton and West Warwickshire 3, University of Birmigham 2; Reading v Sutton Coldfield away walkover.

Investec Conference East: Bromley and Beckenham 1, St Albans 3; Chelmsford 2, Old Loughtonians 0.