Women’s FIH World League semi-final line-ups announced

[img_assist|nid=7542|title= |desc=|link=none|align=right|width=100|height=100]LAUSANNE, March 11 – Following the last of the women’s Hockey World League round two tournaments which ended yesterday in Rio, the FIH today announced the line-ups for the two women’s Hockey World League semi-final tournaments to be held in Rotterdam and London in June.  


The second of the Hockey World League semi-finals tournaments will be held in London from June 22-30. The teams that will play in the Investec Hockey World League Semi-Final tournament are: Argentina, England, Australia, China, USA, South Africa, Spain and Italy.  The Argentina women are the highest-ranked team in the London Semi-Final, currently holding down the second spot in the FIH World Ranking. England, Australia and China join Argentina as the teams that were automatically qualified for the semi-finals.

On the other end of the group, Italy made headlines by winning its Hockey World League Round 2 tournament, despite entering the event as the third-seeded team. There, they finished ahead of Spain, which they could meet again in the London Semi-Finals. South Africa hosted and won its Hockey World League Round 2 tournament, while the Americans qualified for London through a Round 2 tournament victory in Brazil.

The groups for London are:

Pool A                                             Pool B

Argentina                               England

China                                    Australia

USA                                      South Africa

Italy                                      Spain


The Rabobank Hockey World League Semi-Final tournament in Rotterdam will be held from June 13-23 in conjunction with the men’s Rabobank Hockey World League semi-final tournament.  Four teams were already qualified for the event based on their FIH World Ranking and will be joined by four teams that qualified through the earlier rounds of the Hockey World League.

The teams playing in Rotterdam are: Host Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, Japan, India, Belgium and Chile. The Dutch enter the tournament as the top-ranked team in the FIH World Ranking. New Zealand, Germany and Korea were also automatically qualified for the Semi-Finals thanks to their top-eight spot in the FIH World Ranking.

Chile is the lowest-ranked team of the group, weighing in at #18 in the FIH World Ranking. They became the last team to qualify for the Semi-Finals after finishing in second place on Sunday in the Round 2 tournament in Rio. Belgium is the only team in the Rotterdam event to play in both the Hockey World League Round 1 and Round 2 tournaments.

Scotland narrowly missed out in Rio, finishing level on points with Chile in second place, but the South Americans took their place in Round Three haveing scored more wins.

In addition to naming the teams, the groups, based on the FIH World Ranking, are also known for Rotterdam and are as follows.

Pool A                                              Pool B

Netherlands                           New Zealand

Korea                                   Germany

Japan                                   India

Chile                                    Belgium

Tickets information is already available for both Semi-Final tournaments.

Tickets for the London Investec Hockey World League Semi-Final and can be ordered here

Tickets for the Rotterdam Rabobank Hockey World League Semi-Final can be ordered as of mid-March here