England try out Australia’s Twenty20 vision for hockey

[img_assist|nid=6582|title=George Pinner|desc=”I’ve been useless” Photo: Ady Kerry|link=node|align=right|width=220|height=393]PERTH, November 22 – England’s men’s hockey team take to the field against India today in the International Super Series Hockey 9s tournament.

The International Super Series Hockey 9s tournament features a number of departures from standard hockey designed to add to the spectacle for fans and has been compared with cricket’s re-invention as Twenty20.

In a move to offer up even more goal scoring opportunities, the goals have been made one metre wider, prompting England goalkeeper George Pinner to admit he has had to re-think his childhood visions of playing football.

“I suggested recently I should have taken up a football career,” said Pinner. “I felt I’d be quite good. But having moved to these bigger goals in training I’ve been useless. Everything’s been going in!”

While still played on a full-sized pitch, teams are reduced to nine players from the usual 11, creating more space for free flowing attacking end-to-end hockey, while matches are played in two 20 minute halves, as opposed to two periods of 35 minutes.

England’s inexperienced squad goes into the tournament as outsiders to Australia, India and Pakistan, all of whom played in the inaugural tournament in 2011.

England coach for teh tournament Bobby Crutchley said: “We are excited by the challenge of the International Super Series. With the other three teams in the tournament having experienced the 9-a-side format previously it will be a testing start to the trip for our young squad.

“We will be looking for the players to learn quickly in a demanding environment.” 

Crutchley will stand in forhead coach Jason Lee at the International Super Series Hockey 9s. Lee will fly out to join the squad in Melbourne for the Champions Trophy.

England will use the four day tournament to acclimatise before heading to Melbourne for the Champions Trophy, which runs from December 1-9.

England’s squad contains six uncapped players and a further five that have played fewer than ten senior international matches.

Five of the Great Britain Olympic squad which finished fourth at the London 2012 Games make the trip; captain Barry Middleton, Beeston’s Harry Martin, Hampstead & Westminster’s Dan Fox and the Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles pair of Richard Smith and Nick Catlin will bring their experience to the group. 

No caps will be awarded to athletes competing in the International Super Series Hockey 9s.

Following the conclusion of the Super 9s tournament, England will compete in the Champions Trophy in Melbourne from 1-9 December. England’s Pool A opponents are Olympic Champions Germany, New Zealand and India. Hosts Australia, Olympic silver medallists the Netherlands, Belgium and Pakistan will contest Pool B. 

International Super Series Hockey 9s Fixtures, November 22-25, Perth (AUS)

Thursday November 22

19:20 local – 11:20 GMT – Australia v Pakistan

20:15 local – 12:15 GMT – England v India

Friday 23 November

19:20 local – 11:20 GMT – Pakistan v England

20:15 local – 12:15 GMT – Australia v India

Saturday November 24

11:20 local – 03:20 GMT – Pakistan v India

14:05 local – 06:05 GMT – Australia v England

Sunday November 25

11:40 local – 03:40 GMT – 3rd v 4th

14:00 local – 06:00 GMT – 1st v 2nd 


Name (Club) [Position] England Caps/England Goals – GB Caps/GB Goals – Age – Hometown/Place of Birth

Ben Arnold (Beeston) [Forward] 0/0 – 0/0 – 22 – Northampton

Alastair Brogdon (Waterloo Ducks) (BEL) [Forward] 43/4 – 6/0 – 24 – Bowdon, Cheshire

Nick Catlin (Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles) (BEL) [Forward] 45/3 – 29/3 – 23 – Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Darren Cheesman (Reading) [Midfielder] 1/0 – 2/1 – 26 – Islington, London

David Condon (Loughborough Students) [Midfielder] 4/0 – 0/0 – 21 – Leicester

Adam Dixon (Beeston) [Defender/Midfielder] 58/2 – 29/0 – 26 – Nottingham

Simon Egerton (Beeston) [Forward] 8/1 – 0/0 – 27 – Bury, Lancashire

Dan Fox (Hampstead & Westminster) [Defender] 23/0 – 26/1 – 29 – Godalming, Surrey

Mark Gleghorne (East Grinstead) [Forward] 0/0 – 10/2 – 27 – Antirm

Michael Hoare (Beeston) [Defender] 0/0 – 0/0 – 26 – Liverpool

Harry Martin (Beeston) [Midfielder] 8/0 – 34/3 – 20 – Ipswich

Barry Middleton (c) (HGC) (NED) [Midfielder/Forward] 159/43 – 105/35 – 28 – Doncaster

George Pinner (Beeston) [Goalkeeper] 6/0 – 4/0 – 25 – Ipswich

Dan Shingles (Southgate) [Midfielder] 0/0 – 0/0 – 26 – London

Patrick Smith (Cannock) [Goalkeeper] 0/0 – 0/0 – 21 – Harlow, Essex

Richard Smith (Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles) (BEL) [Defender] 64/7 – 29/5 – 25 – Portsmouth

Henry Weir (Loughborough Students) [Midfielder] 0/0 – 0/0 – 22 – Nantwich, Cheshire

Ollie Willars (Beeston) [Defender] 0/0 – 0/0 – 22 – Leicester