Friday, April 19, 2024

Belgium Olympic selection announced

[img_assist|nid=3971|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=100|height=100]Belgium have announced their men’s and women’s selections for the hockey tournaments at the London Olympic Games.<--break->


1. Boon Jill 
2. Cavenaile Louise
3. Coppey Erica
4. Danhaive Lola
5. De Groof Stephanie
6. De Vos Charlotte (C)
7. Delmée Hélène
8. Gerniers Alix
9. Khouzam Nadine (GK)
10. Nelen Barbara
11. Raes Anouk
12. Sinia Emilie
13. Valcke Gaëlle
14. Van Lindt Lieselotte
15. Van Regemortel Anne-Sophie
16. Vandermeiren Judith  

17. Vermeersch Valérie
18. D’Hooghe Aisling (GK)


1. Boccard Gauthier
2. Boon Tom
3. Briels Thomas
4. Charlier Cédric
5. De Saedeleer Alexandre
6. Dekeyser Jérôme
7. Denayer Felix
8. Dohmen John-John
9. Gougnard Simon
10. Luycx Maxime (VC)
11. Reckinger Xavier (VC)
12. Thys Jeffrey
13. Truyens Jérôme (C)
14. Vanasch Vincent (GK)
15. van Aubel Florent
16. Van Hove Benjamin

17. Van Strydonck Elliot
18. Leroy (GK) Manu


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