Friday, July 1, 2022

Push at the Visa international Invitational hockey at Olympic Park

[img_assist|nid=3577|title=Cover it Live|desc=Follow our live blog from Riverside Stadium, Olympic Park|link=none|align=right|width=180|height=180]PUSH will be at the hockey test event at the Riverside Satdium, Olympic Park. For this event we are launching our CoveritLive Live Blog. So even if you can’t watch the game on the TV you can follow the score and a text-based commentary on-line. It also is a great companion to the TV coverage or being at the actual event.

You will be able to comment either directly via the web interface or through Twitter and your comments will be included in our commentary. We will still, of course, be keeping up our popular Twitter feed right through the tournament. You will be able to follow us through that  @pushhockeymag and occasionally on Facebook

The links to the CoveritLive games are now on the website. We’ve also re-jigged the mobile version of our website so there’s no excuse for not joining in. 

Anything you Tweet with the hashtag #pushhockey should appear in our live commentary – subject to good taste and legality of course! If you send anything to @pushhockeymag, we’ll get that up there too. Join in the fun.

As I said – the live blog is a trial so bear with us and, above all, enjoy the hockey.

Also on the website you will find the tables and match schedules from the tournament, regular updates, photographs and even a weather forecast! 


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