Saturday, December 2, 2023

Australia’s Jamie Dwyer to miss London Olympic test event to ‘manage workload’


[img_assist|nid=1576|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=86|height=101]Kookaburras coach Ric Charlesworth has unveiled the squad that will compete at the London VISA International Invitational Hockey Tournament on May 2-6, 100 days out from the Olympics.

A core group of players, including five-time world player of the year, Jamie Dwyer, will travel to Europe but will only play select matches to ensure their work load is managed.

“This tour is another opportunity to explore our form and our opponents,” Charlesworth said.

“It continues to be difficult to select teams as all players in the squad remain in contention to play at the Olympics.”

This tour is a chance for players to further press for Olympic selection and Luke Doerner, Liam De Young and Jason Wilson, who are returning from injury, will be keen to impress.

The VISA International Invitational Hockey Tournament will be played at Olympic Park and will give the athletes their first look at the Olympic blue pitch where life long dreams could be realised.

“It’s an important opportunity, hopefully it will be similar to the pitch we’ve been training on but we won’t know until we get there,” Charlesworth said.

Team selected: London Test

Nathan Burgers(QLD) Joel Carroll(NT) Luke Doerner(TAS) Fergus Kavanagh(WA) Liam De Young(QLD) Chris Ciriello(VIC) Jonathon Charlesworth(WA) Tim Deavin(TAS) Matthew Butturini(NSW) Mark Knowles(QLD) Glenn Simpson(VIC) Rob Hammond(QLD) Eddie Ockenden(TAS) Simon Orchard(NSW) Kieran Govers(NSW) Jason Wilson(QLD) Matt Gohdes(QLD) Russell Ford(VIC)

Players included for the European Tour -Test Matches against Belgium and Germany

Des Abbott(NT) Graeme Begbie(WA) Andrew Charter(ACT) Jamie Dwyer(QLD) Matthew Swann(QLD) Glenn Turner(ACT)

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