Calling for players from around the Hockey Nation

[img_assist|nid=3388|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=200|height=200]If you consider yourself the ultimate hockey tourist, here’s one to test out your credentials.

The Sihillians are planning a Hockey Nation tournament in the West Midlands featuring players from all around this hockey nation and representatives from the other Olympic hockey nations too.

The tounament will consist of four teams made up of one player from each of the 48 postal counties of England (the Hockey Nation), and then a team of 12-14 players from the Hockey Nations – those countries playing in the Olympics. This can/will include players from Scotland and Wales to help make up the GB contingent. The club is also looking for umpires as part of the 48 counties.<--break->The purpose is to get the “best” of this great hockey nation, to play against representatives from the other Olympic hockey nations to showcase all that is good about hockey. The “best” means a combination of playing standard, but also socialising, networking, and generally loving hockey!

Matches will be played on Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3, with teams drawn on Saturday morning (using a fairly simplistic “seeding” system based on standard the player normally plays).

The organisers are looking for the “ultimate tourists” from each county  – representing their county (of birth) in both the playing AND partying stakes!

Each team will play two matches on the Saturday, and then one on the Sunday guaranteed – with the top two teams playing a final on Sunday afternoon.There will be no cost to play in the tournament. And the organisers are looking to obtain sponsorship to get hotel rooms at reduced rates.  There will also be the option to camp for free on-site. Players can arrive on the Friday night if they want, or the Saturday morning. A clubhouse reserved for partying on both Saturday and Sunday nights. For the location see B93 9LW.

You can either nominate yourself or others. The organisers need to know what makes the nominee the best tourist from their county of birth and at what level they currently play (so they can ensure the balance of the teams).

Email nominations to Stephen Tabb stephentabb@hotmail.com