Running just as fast as we can – Get Fit exercise CD

[img_assist|nid=3300|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=130|height=130]If you are struggling to hit those New Year exercise targets (you did set them didn’t you?), how about a bit of music? There is evidence around that listening to music during exercise helps. And it certainly can dull the monotony a bit. But what to play?

I know quite a few hockey folk who seem to spend more time perfecting their workout playlists than they spend in the gym. Then there are pre-match playlists, warm-down playlists, flight/drive playlists in fact enough music to keep iTunes whirring well past London 2012.

Taste is personal, but now there is an official London 2012 ‘Get Fit’ CD from Universal which combines music and a fold-out leaflet with some suggested exercises. On the music selection (see below) I generally prefer something a bit more muscular, but this is a lively enough upbeat playlist.

‘Get Fit’ is actually the first real CD I’ve seen in ages and it took me a while to realise you can load them straight into iTunes. It is of course available for download with an electronic version of the booklet, and the CD is at all the usual record places (just search for SPEC2096).

I feel less qualified commenting on the music (although Tiffany singing, “we’re running just as fast as we can…” makes me speed up because I usually am not) than the exercises. The plans – bronze, silver and gold – aren’t going to win you any medals straight off, but it is amazing how many hockey players do absolutely no physical conditioning work at all. If you are in that category (and I was until a few years ago) these types of exercises are a good starting point. Strengthening your glutes, quads and hamstrings along with building core strength are all things you can do at home while watching the telly (or listening to Tiffany).

All-in-all this is a fun selection of 18 tracks and some useful exercise ideas for under a fiver.

Track Listing:

1. Taio Cruz – Dynamite – Radio Edit
2. Noisettes – Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go) – Radio Edit
3. Bobby Brown – Two Can Play That Game – K Klassik Radio Mix
4. CeCe Peniston – Finally Album Version
5. Brothers In Rhythm – Such A Good Feeling – Radio Mix
6. Yazz, The Plastic Population – The Only Way Is Up
7. Sugababes – Hole In The Head – Clean Radio Edit
8. Bodyrockers – I Like The Way – Radio Edit
9. Pixie Lott Boys And Girls – Album Version
10. The Hughes Corporation – What A Feeling – Radio Edit
11. Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now – Album Version
12. The Saturdays – Just Can’t Get Enough – Radio Mix
13. Sonique – It Feels So Good – Radio Edit
14. Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This – Radio Edit
15. Girls Aloud Jump
16. Donna Summer – She Works Hard For The Money – Edited Single Version
17. Michael Sembello – Maniac
18. Lighthouse Family – Lifted