Champions Trophy throws up Deja Vu Sunday – updated – Shambles Sunday

[img_assist|nid=2886|title=Crunch time|desc=Rocio Mocca Sanchez of Argentina clashes with New Zealand goalie Sally Rutherford – the sides will now not meet again on Sunday (c) Andy Smith|link=node|align=left|width=393|height=399]The final day of the Rabo FIH Champions Trophy initially threw up a complete rematch of the final round of pool games in what must be seen as a big thumbs-down for this particular variation of an eight-team format. Argentina then appealed and the final was rescheduled as Argentina vs Netherlands.

Sunday schedule (all times local, subtract 1hr for UK)
09.00 Germany vs China (7/8)
11.30 England vs Australia (5/6)
14.00 Korea vs New Zealand (3/4)
16.30 Netherlands vs Argentina (1/2)

The loser of the England vs Australia game will be relegated from the 2012 Trophy (although there may be a way back in as the FIH will nominate two teams).

Korea have managed to make the final despite only beating one team all week. Argentina, with three wins, a draw and a loss play-off for bronze with New Zealand who have one win and a draw – go figure.