Aymar sinks England in the Amsterdam rain *updated*

[img_assist|nid=2446|title=|desc=Luciana Aymar celebrates her winning goal against England at the 2011 Champions Trophy in Amsterdam on June 25 (c) Andy Smith|link=node|align=left|width=401|height=283]Argentina 1 England 0

A second-half special from Argentina skipper Luciana Aymar (52m)  finished off England on day one of the Champions Trophy.

Argentina dominated the second half of a game played in sporadic rain where England failed to win a penalty corner. Bright spots were a solid defensive display and some attacking enterprise from Alex Danson. On to South Korea tomorrow at 9am (8am UK time).

England head coach Danny Kerry said hhis side had held Argentina defensively apart from Aymar’s goal. “You take Aymar out of the team and they are still a good team, but that is the difference,” he said. Kerry was also critical of too many of his players not playing at their best on the day – a sentiment echoed by skipper Kate Walsh.

“We didn’t do ourselves justice today and as a group of players you want to do yourselves justice every time you go out on the pitch, that is waht is dissapointing,” said Walsh.

Other day one results: China 2 Korea 2, Germany 1 New Zealand 0, Netherlands 3 Australia 0

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