Bowdon win the cup

Bowdon Hightown have added the women’s cup to the indoor championship already in their trophy cupboard. The Manchester side defeated Surbiton 4-1 in the England Hockey women’s cup final at Cannock today.

[img_assist|nid=2151|title=|desc=Sandeep Maan of Bowdon Hightown with the women’s cup (c) Andy Smith|link=node|align=right|width=200|height=267]The premier league sides’ final started well when Tina Cullen seized on a defensive mistake at the top of the circle and smashed the ball home in the 13th minute. That was the only goal of a fairly even first half, although Bowdon gradually began to gain more control of the ball than their eastern conference opponents.

Cullen added a second in the 49th minute from a corner slipped to her by Sally Walton. She then returned the favour slipping a left-to-right pass across the circle for Walton to score two minutes later. By now the England defender had got a taste for goal and smashed a reverse-stick shot high into the net for Bowdon’s fourth.

But it was not all one-way with Amy Tennant forced into some fine saves in the Bowdon Hightown goal. Surbiton’s goal came almost straight from the restart after Walton’s second strike – it was finished well by Abi Robinson.