Premiership playoffs this weekend

[img_assist|nid=469|title=|desc=Jane Sixsmith whose Sutton Coldfield side are in the premiership playoffs after winning the conference north. Picture: Andy Smith|link=node|align=right|width=165|height=234]

The immediate future of two England Hockey League premiership sides and six potential premiership promotees will be decided this weekend at Cannock Hockey Club. The match schedule is as follows:

Saturday April 30

1200 Women Olton & WW v Sutton Coldfield
1400 Women Sevenoaks v Buckingham
1600 Men Durham Univ v Southgate
1800 Men Canterbury v Univ of Exeter

Sunday May 1
1100 Women Sutton Coldfield v Sevenoaks
1300 Women Buckingham v Olton & WW
1500 Men Southgate v Canterbury
1700 Men Univ of Exeter v Durham Univ

Monday May 2
1100 Women Buckingham v Sutton Coldfield
1100 Women Sevenoaks v Olton & WW
1330 Men Univ of Exeter v Southgate
1330 Men Canterbury v Durham Univ

During the promotion playoffs, the three conference winners in each of the men’s and women’s leagues play a round-robin tournament which includes the ninth-placed premier side (Canterbury men and Olton and West Warwicks women). The prize for the top two men’s and women’s sides is a spot in the premiership for next season. 

For results/schedule see:

Tickets are available at teh gate or in advance for a £1 discount. See https://express.iristickets.co.uk/k?englandhockey