Mobile version of pushhockey.co.uk

We have just implemented a trial version of the PUSH website optimised for mobile devices. You shouldn’t need to do anything different, just connect to www.pushhockey.co.uk with a mobile device and the site should detect you and output the content in a mobile-friendly format.

The main features are:

  • Reorgainsed single column pages for easy reading
  • Automatic detection of mobile devices such as Android mobiles, iPhones, Blackberries etc – this is not perfect!
  • ‘Switch to mobile’ and ‘switch to full site’ links in the header of the main site and the footer of the mobile version
  • The URLs (http://www.pushhockey.co.uk/…. etc) are identical for the mobile and full sites so you should be able to interchange freely between the two
  • Removal of some of the less-used features of the full website to allow larger presentation of the main content
  • iPad will still use the main site

This is a work in progress and some things are a bit rough around the edges. Let us know any faults (comment below) or positive feedback and we’ll address them as quickly as we can. We have tested on a few mobiles and simulators, but obviously we don’t have them all so don’t forget to mention which device you are using.

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