Finals day in the England Hockey League

The EHL season reaches its climax at Cannock hockey club on Saturday.

[img_assist|nid=1723|title=|desc=East Grinstead and Reading will both be in action on finals day in Cannock on Saturday (Rick Gay pictured left, Iain Mackay, right) Picture by Ian Wood|link=url|url=http://www.pushhockey.co.uk/category/image-galleries/2011-hockey-gallery/2011-english-national-league-and-cup/east-grinstead-3-r|align=left|width=380|height=328]






Match Schedule is as follows:
11.30 (men) Reading vs Surbiton – 3 vs 4 winner qualifies for Europe
13.30 WOMEN’s FINAL Leicester vs Reading
16.00 MEN’s FINAL East Grinstead vs Beeston 

Use Twitter hashtag #ehlplayoffs for updates

If you need a bit of inspiration to go, try our Club page for some videos of the semi-finals.<--break->