Nutrition and training diary – can you help?

Our nutrition writer has offered to analyse a player’s diet and training to produce an article for PUSH magazine.

We are looking for someone who is in fairly heavy training and preferably playing decent first XI hockey. You’ll need to fill in a four-day food and diet diary (there is a pro-forma for this). The idea is to cover three weekdays and a weekend day – say Weds to Saturday.

It’s not too onerous, but you do need to provide decent estimates of how much you are eating and drinking (the form has a guide to this) and to be pretty honest! If you had a photo of you playing, or in hockey gear, that would help the article – but it’s not essential.

As a thank-you we will set you up with a 12-month subscription to PUSH or extend your existing subscription.  

We’d really like to do is THIS WEEK – email editor@pushhockey.co.uk  if you are interested.