England Hockey’s performance director gives green light for Commonwealth accommodation

England hockey’s performance director David Faulkner has visited the accommodation for the team in Delhi and said it is suitable barring “a good clean” and some “minor fixes”, reports the Daily Telegraph.
Faulkner travelled to New Delhi on Wednesday for a final inspection and then confirmed that Jason Lee and his 16-man squad would travel as planned.
The Telegraph quotes him as follows:

“I have seen England’s accommodation and my view is that I’m satisfied with the build, aside from a few snags which are being rectified. It needs a good clean and once this and minor fixes are made, what I saw will be suitable.
“I’ve read things in the press and I know in other tower blocks things haven’t been finished, but we’ve seen unfinished electrical sockets, broken air-conditioning or leaking taps.
“It’s to that level, so this is why we’re happy for the team to fly because if it’s not ready by Friday we have made arrangements for alternative accommodation for two or three days with a view to moving in maybe on Monday, when our women’s team arrives.
“There’s a lot to be done but they’re identifying the problems, working to rectify them and that will be ongoing.”