England jump to fifth in the women’s world rankings

England’s bronze medal in the women’s world cup has pushed them up to fifth place in hockey’s official world rankings.
The rankings see England and Australia swap fourth and fifth places making this the first time the English have been ranked ahead of Australia since the rankings began.
Argentina’s gold medal sees them take top spot in the rankings for the first time since 2003 – the year the rankings system was launched. Las Leonas’ first place comes at the expense of the Dutch who have held the number one spot since 2004.

The top 12 are:
1 Argentina
2 Netherlands
3 Germany
4 China
5 England
6 Australia
7 New Zealand
8 Korea
9 Japan
10 Spain
11 India
12 South Africa

World rankings are based on points allocated for world level competitions over four years plus points for performances in the continental competitions (Pan-Pacs, Europeans etc). More recent performances are, of course, given a higher weight when calculating the rankings.
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