Wednesday, November 29, 2023

John Willmott exchanges his hockey stick for a spear

John Willmot was the Stadium Director for the World Cup in 1986 at Willesden and then went on to help the GB Hockey team in Seoul.

He was also Chairman of Southgate and had four players in the GB squad including Sean Kerly and of course the Manager, Coach and Asst Manager were all from Southgate as well!

John and his family have swapped real life for a crazy gap year! The Willmott’s, who are on both a spiritual quest and educational trip, visit 26 countries and stay with nomadic tribes and in homestays and often find themselves in extreme situations in jungles and rainforests or out trekking.

They have a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Ladakh (NW India), live with the nomadic Debra tribe in the Papuan Rain Forest and a nomadic Mongolian family.

You can watch their adventures in a series starting on the 6th September on Channel 4.

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